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2020 End of Year Appeal

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Dear MGFA supporter,


Philanthropy work can be very humbling and extremely rewarding. We get to work with the very best of volunteers and donors who want to help bring upon change and advance progress in the spirit of making life better for themselves and for the greater good. Philanthropy is a world where life-long friendships are forged, memories are cherished, partnerships thrive, and a Community flourishes. Our MG Community is a special one and we recognize the deep commitment, dedication, and loyalty that is given so generously each and every day by so many.


How do we extend our most heartfelt gratitude to a Community that has given so much? We believe that you say thank you and share exactly what you are grateful for. We find ourselves at the end of the year; a year that has been very difficult for so many and a year that has brought tremendous change. Yet, our MG Community has been the one constant. It is difficult to find the right words, but we would like to try….


Thank you for your unwavering support throughout the year;
Thank you for your trust;
Thank you for your dedication and loyalty;
Thank you for navigating unchartered territory with us by “going virtual”;
Thank you for your creativity and enthusiasm;
Thank you for being there for each other and for leaning-in;
Thank you for all of the emotions…the tears and the laughter;
Thank you for being such powerful ambassadors of MGFA;
Thank you for being a good friend;


As the leading national patient advocacy organization solely focused on MG, we simply cannot offer vital programming and services, provide education and advance advocacy efforts, and fund critical research without your support. It simply is not possible. The power of the community is unparalleled and only through your support, and coming together, will we be able to continue our very important work and move closer to fulfilling our mission…a day without MG.


Please consider giving to our end-of-year campaign and share what you are grateful for. If you plan to donate on-line, please click here and come back the Gratitude Wall to submit your comment.


With so much love, respect, and gratitude….we thank you.


A World Without MG