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June is MG Awareness Month!

2020: We’re still #MGStrong — even when we’re apart.

Every year, the MGFA community comes together during the month of June to boost efforts surrounding fundraising, research, and advocacy to support people affected by MG.

For 2020, we encourage you to join us in honoring this month by practicing socially distant awareness activities, and then submitting your activities and/or photos to our #MGStrong Map below.

Click here to submit your story.

Want to explore the entire globe? Use the arrow at the top left corner of the map to zoom out — or click on a specific state or country to zoom in.

This virtual, interactive map showcases individual stories, with states and countries “lighting up” to highlight participation around the globe. We invite everyone in the MGFA community — patients, caregivers, community leaders, health professionals, etc. — to participate.

Select submissions will be featured on social media during our month-end celebration showcasing #MGStrong creativity! (Read on for details.)

Ready to show your support? Use the attached form to add your name to the map.

  • Get crafty! Use sidewalk chalk to create an #MGStrong mural in your driveway or on the sidewalk in your neighborhood. Or display colorful, handmade signs on your lawn or in your windows.
  • Host a virtual hangout. Schedule a virtual happy hour or a digital chat over coffee with friends, using your time “together” to discuss MG facts and anecdotes. To expand your reach, consider streaming your hangout on Facebook Live and inviting viewers to comment with questions about MG.
  • Organize a parade. Engage members of your local community to honor MG Awareness Month with a “car parade.” Paraders can adorn their vehicles with teal decorations and snowflakes or hold signs out of passenger windows while driving on a designated route.
  • Garner press coverage. Contact local reporters in your community about MG Awareness Month.
  • Raise funds for research. Host a Facebook fundraiser for MGFA, allowing your friends and family to easily contribute to a cause you care about.

Our Month-End Creativity Celebration

June 24 | Chalk It Up: Colorful driveways, sidewalks, and streets.
June 25 | Most Creative Signs: Posters, prints, murals, and more.
June 26 | Teal Tributes: Teal t-shirts, ribbons, and lights.
June 29 | The Great Outdoors: Fresh air and blue skies.
June 30 | Virtual Globetrotters: Snapshots of supporters from around the world.

For more information about raising awareness about MG, download our Awareness Toolkit.

A World Without MG