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National Family Caregivers Month

MGFA Care Givers

November is National Caregivers Month. Let's honor our MG caregivers and thank them for all they do for anyone diagnosed and living with Myasthenia Gravis. Submit a photo of you with your caregiver (or just a photo of your caregiver) and we will post on our National Caregivers Honor Wall.

Name: Michael Antonellis     Caregiver's Name: Michael Antonellis    Country: United States

All caregivers ROCK!!

Name: Scott Horne     Caregiver's Name: Judith Horne    Country: United States

Judith has cared for me through many illnesses during our 38 years of marriage. However, when I was diagnosed with MG, that burden grew even greater. Nonetheless, Judith has been steadfastly by my side, providing physical and moral support.

Name: Kelly Smith     Caregiver's Name: Alex Smith    Country: United States

My husband has been by my side from day 1. He takes care of me daily by reminding me to rest and take care of myself. He is very supportive and understands when my body has a mind of its own. I am so fortunate to have him.

Name: Jill Rust     Caregiver's Name: Tim Rust    Country: United States

Tim is just an amazing man. He is always there for me - to provide physical help and emotional support.

Name: Cheri Miller     Caregiver's Name: Andy Miller    Country: United States

I don't know what I would do without my husband and caregiver, Andy Miller!!! He is terrific!!!

Name: Siobhan McGovern     Caregiver's Name: Timothy McGovern    Country: United States

My husband Tim is my caregiver. He has stood by my side these past 13 years and ultimately gave up his career to be my caregiver. Although he has his own health issues, he always puts himself second and focuses on me and our three beautiful daughters

Name: Fay Abu     Caregiver's Name: Fay Abu     Country: United States

I’m Fay the caregiver of my daughter. I was diagnosed with myasthenia graves 22 years ago and I’ve been taking care of my daughter ever since who was born mentally challenged with disabilities.

Name: Anita Tarlton     Caregiver's Name: David Waters     Country: United States

Since my diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis in 2018, my husband David has been my caregiver, encouraged, and cheerleader! He has soaked up information about MG, he's asked questions, cooked like a chef, and he's just all around a great guy!

Name: Nancy Reisner     Caregiver's Name: Mark and Mak    Country: United States

Mark, as you can see, has a heart ❤️ of gold and has supported me through many very challenging times. He offers care, support and lots of love. So does Mak! He’s by my side constantly and even visits when I’m at the hospital. I am so blessed!

Name: Courtney Boehlke     Caregiver's Name: Claire Boehlke    Country: United States

My beautiful daughter, who does so much for me and gives my life purpose. Since my diagnosis, she has never left my side.

Name: Courtney Boehlke     Caregiver's Name: Ronda Tate    Country: United States

Ronda is my best friend. She has always been there for me before and after MG. Since my diagnosis she has always been there to help me in every way.

Name: Andrea Ujj     Caregiver's Name: Martin Ujj and György Farkas    Country: Hungary

I am Andrea Ujj from Hungary, a MG patient more than 2 years. I am grateful to my son Martin and my husband following me everywhere. They are sitting on the seat LOVE (SZERETET), meanwhile I was sitting on the seat HOPE (REMÉNY) and maked the photo

Name: Linda Praydich     Caregiver's Name: Emme Praydich    Country: United States

I could not manage my disease without my Daughter. She has been my support, cheerleader and constant reminder of why I refuse to give in to this disease. Thank you my sweet girl!

Name: Mary Elledge     Caregiver's Name: Kaidence and Anthony Coleman     Country: United States

My caregivers are my children, I am a single parent and at times without them I would be able to do half the things I do. They have been there when I was bedridden before being diagnosed and even in my hospital bed a handful of times.

Name: Robin Hengels     Caregiver's Name: Peter    Country: United States

This man has been through it all with me. He’s never complained about anything except for maybe our broken medical system. He picked me up from the floor both figuratively and lliterally

Name: Lex Goodwin     Caregiver's Name: Danielle and Marvin     Country: United States

Thank you to my parents! They’ve been there for me since day 1, literally. Although they may not always understand, they are always there for the appointments, infusions, hospital stays, breakdowns, and to encourage me to keep going.

Name: Lorraine Ludwico Stevens     Caregiver's Name: Charles Becht Stevens     Country: United States

I would not be alive without all my friend , my husband and my caregiver . He cares for our everyday life , chores and myself . Vid sent me a Angel 😇

Name: Michael Mazzarelli     Caregiver's Name: Andrea Mazzarelli     Country: United States

My mom gets what I’m going through as she also has the same disease and more. Even on her bad days, she does what she can for me.

Name: Meena Outlaw     Caregiver's Name: David Outlaw    Country: United States

I have the support of my husband, also caregiver. He knows my tell tale signs, he knows this disease as well as I do. He knows what it takes for me to have better days. He knows when it’s time for me to rest. More importantly he loves me anyway.

Name: Sue Kenyon     Caregiver's Name: Scott Kenyon    Country: United States

My hubby, Scott, is my rock and my lifesaver. He is by my side physically & emotionally every day. He keeps hope alive.

Name: Sue Kenyon     Caregiver's Name: Family for MG    Country: United States

My entire family supports me on my MG journey. This pic shows my husband (Scott), brother (Doug) and sister-in-law (Dawn). They fill my heart with love. They are all there for anything I need. I wouldn't be where I am without them. LOVE!

Name: Kathie Bibeau     Caregiver's Name: Ray Bibeau    Country: United States

My husband Ray has been my caregiver throughout my long journey with MG. He is my dedicated husband and best friend. Our oldest granddaughter has not known me without MG and is quick to remind me that my eyes are closing and I need to take Mestinon

Name: Icie Boyd     Caregiver's Name: Austin and Aubree Boyd    Country: United States

My husband and daughter are my caregivers! He is teaching me that it's ok to take breaks to respect my limits. She is accommodating when I'm weak and fatigued. I'm stubborn and strong willed but they take such good care of me when I need them!

Name: Nikky Valentine     Caregiver's Name: Olivia Ornelas & Jay Lopez    Country: United States

My mom & fiancé have been very supportive these past couple of month’s since my MG has worsened. They’ve helped me to see my limits and rest. I wouldn’t be able to get through my days without them. Having great support is a blessing. Love you guys!

Name: Nikky Valentine     Caregiver's Name: Brandon Valentine & Tyler Lopez     Country: United States

My secondary caregivers are my sons. Not literally. But they do help. It becomes a family affair when you have a loved one who’s ill. It doesn’t matter if they’re just grabbing you a water! I love my boys. They push me to get better.

Name: Mary Lynne Knighten     Caregiver's Name: John D. Knighten    Country: United States

I want to honor my husband. His love and support enable me to do the things I do. From taking me to doctor appointments to schlepping my bags; cooking dinner when I’m tired and encouraging me, to surviving the pandemic together. I love you Johnnie!

Name: Ginger Sanford     Caregiver's Name: Jeremy Sanford     Country: United States

My husband is one amazing man he has taught himself and our children all the ends and outs of MG I couldn’t ask for a better man best friend lover and caregiver he goes above and beyond on a daily basis I am very blessed to have him

Name: Cary Collier     Caregiver's Name: Larry Willis     Country: United States

My husband is amazing, he's right by my side always. He reminds me to rest and shows his love for me every day. I'm truly blessed to have him next to me. He even does research for a cure or remission.. love him so very much.

Name: David     Caregiver's Name: Hazel    Country: United States

She is my friend and a caregiver to Philip. She of corse is outstanding in care for him. She cans and helps on the farm

Name: Suzanne Sylvere     Caregiver's Name: Satrina Chargaulaf     Country: Canada

A daughter, sister, guardian angel, no challenge she can’t handle. MG hit me hard, she left job travelled across the country to care for me.A heart ❤️ of gold, when I could no longer deal with MG (she keeps me going).Truly a Gift from God.

Name: dl6zy7d5     Caregiver's Name: 048cbk6    Country: Zimbabwe






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