November is National Family Caregivers Month
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National Family Caregivers Month

MGFA Care Givers

November is National Caregivers Month. Let's honor our MG caregivers and thank them for all they do for anyone diagnosed and living with Myasthenia Gravis. Submit a photo of you with your caregiver (or just a photo of your caregiver) and we will post on our National Caregivers Honor Wall.


Name: Krisztina Kőhalmy     Caregiver's Name: Maya     Country: Hungary

My caregiver is dog, Maya. My puppy became in my life in order to have to go out into the street, leave my room. A dog acts on you like a magic: you are responsible for it and you feel the love that emanates from it and it just makes you feel better.

Name: Andrea Ujj     Caregiver's Name: Martin Ujj and György Farkas    Country: Hungary

I am active with MG, but what I am dreaming, my son and my husband help me by the realizing. If I want to reach the blue sky, they hold the ladder for me so I don't feel my limitations,just freedom without MG. These mindful moments surpass everything

Name: Ildikó Laczi     Caregiver's Name: Ferenc Bodi-Tuson    Country: Romania

I met my partner when I had no idea I will have MG. We've been on the road together ever since, for better or for worse. Our relationship is unexpected, communicative, loving and humorous. We try to preserve its beauty.

Name: Szilvia Sós Kisné     Caregiver's Name: Csaba Kis    Country: Hungary

Csaba is my husband, my partner, my friend. He is the one who stands by me even in the most difficult moments and provides security every day. Together with him, MG is also easier to endure.

Name: Zoltán Lelkes     Caregiver's Name: Family and fellow musicians    Country: Hungary

30 years ago the MG diagnosis started me in the direction of playing music. We are playing variety of types of music (hungarian folk music;Csárdás). We also set poems to music. My favorite instrument is the Celtic harp.The light melodies are relaxing

Name: Annamária Mandrikné     Caregiver's Name: László Mandrik    Country: Hungary

I met my partner when I was 15 years old. He is the first love. He's by my side in everything. He is my kids' dad, my boyfriend, my lover, my advisor, my sports partner. He knows all my vibration.

Name: Frankedra Mathis     Caregiver's Name: Judedra Hamilton     Country: United States

My sister who has been with me every step of the way! My sister who takes the time to research my condition and medications. My sister who cares for my daughter when I’m unable to. Thank you!

Name: Patty L     Caregiver's Name: Anna, Matt, Ariana & Caiden    Country: United States

My daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren are my caregivers by always being there for me on good days & bad days! Words cannot express my love & appreciation for them!

Name: Carrie     Caregiver's Name: Lee    Country: United States

Lee never left my side when in the hospital and in a coma for 7 weeks following surgery. He was there through all of it, then through radiation, and after care. I appreciate all he did and I am lucky to have had him. I may not have survived without

Name: Patty L     Caregiver's Name: Rose and Mary    Country: United States

Rose and Mary are my sisters and caregivers. While I don’t need daily care, they check up on me and always want to help. I’m so fortunate to have them as caregivers, but more importantly, as my sisters!

Name: Lorraine Stevens     Caregiver's Name: Becht Stevens     Country: United States

The man , the myth , the legend . My husband , My friend, My caregiver , My love . Without him I don’t know where I would be ! The Lord sent him into my life in his time 32 years ago this January. Grateful isn’t BIG enough a word !

Name: Pierre Clement     Caregiver's Name: Phyllis Clement    Country: United States

My wife Phyllis has seen me at my worst and best. Yet, she takes care of me no matter what. What a Saint!

Name: Siena Carron     Caregiver's Name: Julien Carron    Country: Australia

Merci Papa for your love and dedication through my journey with MG. You never give up on me and I couldn't do this without you 💙

Name: Mary Lynne Knighten     Caregiver's Name: John D. Knighten    Country: United States

My husband John is so amazing. I could not do the things I do personally and professionally without him, his love, and his selfless support.

Name: Shauna Turner     Caregiver's Name: Glenn Turner     Country: United States

My husband is my hero. From helping me in the shower, to cooking meals for our family of 6, to picking up any task I can't handle when my MG is at full force. He is my amazing blessing from God and puts up with SO much!

Name: Candace Dunson     Caregiver's Name: David Dunson    Country: United States

My husband, David, (and all of our children) have not only taken care of me and each other while I am unable, but he fights for me in getting the care I need every day. My heroes are my family and my doctor, but especially my amazing David!

Name: Tammy     Caregiver's Name: Scott Menter    Country: United States

My husband Scott has been a loving caregiver that keeps us going. Some days/weeks are better than others, and he’s there 100% w/ my personal needs, drs appts, hospitalizations, treatments, meds, etc. My medical status would be far worse without him.

Name: Robin Hengels     Caregiver's Name: Peter Hengels     Country: United States

Peter is my best friend. The one who reminds me not to be so hard on myself when I feel less than capable. He is my cheerleader and also the voice of reason. I’m blessed to have my best friend/husband by my side.

Name: Jess Toth     Caregiver's Name: Bill Shafer    Country: United States

I struggled with needing anyone, prided myself on taking care of everything, MG changed all that. I needed care I didn’t think anyone would want to be a part of; but I was wrong. My best friend, lover and my ride or die is by side for me.

Name: Rabiatu     Caregiver's Name: Nasiru    Country: Nigeria

My Dad is my hero,thank u dad for ur love and care through my journey with MG.You never give up on me.words cannot express my love and appreciation for you

Name: HfjNUlYZ     Caregiver's Name: HfjNUlYZ    Country: United States


Name: 5y07mh     Caregiver's Name: xv1tza    Country: Zimbabwe


Name: uqq7r4     Caregiver's Name: zs7b0k    Country: Zimbabwe


Name: nwmq18     Caregiver's Name: noaflr    Country: Zimbabwe



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