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MGFA Global MG Patient Registry


Join the MGFA Global MG Patient Registry

Submit Your Patient Data to Help Researchers Find Ways to Better Treat Myasthenia

The MGFA Global MG Patient Registry is a confidential means for MG patients around the world to provide information and real patient data that will be useful to medical/research communities in the assessment of disease course, use of various therapies, and estimation of disease costs.

In addition, the registry data provides an opportunity for MG researchers and clinicians to gauge the potential for trial recruitment and to communicate with patients directly about potential research investigations, while respecting their privacy.

This registry is NOW LIVE, and we have worked closely with our development partner, Alira Health, to ensure patients have easier, more efficient options for adding their data directly through registry surveys. We hope you plan to contribute your patient data in the near future, and continue to update your MG data often, so researchers have the most accurate, up-to-date information to drive new MG discoveries and research to find a cure. 

You Have Two Options to Join and Enter Data:

Option #1: Visit the Online Registration Form and Survey using the Button below.
We provide an online method – an easy-to-use webpage – to add patient data from your laptop, PC, or tablet.

Online Web Form

Option #2: Download the New Health Storylines Mobile App from Alira Health.
Download this mobile app from the Apple or Google platform to enter data from anywhere using your phone. Also add symptom and treatment data and other MG data points directly to the registry from the app.

Download Health Storylines App


Please send any questions or inquiries to the MGFA at the following email address: mgfa@myasthenia.org and a representative will get back to you promptly.

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