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Spotlight on the MG Community: Paul Strumph

Spotlight on the MG Community: Paul Strumph

By Kate Stober

Paul StrumphPaul Strumph, MD is a key member of our volunteer Board of Directors. An advocate, physician, and champion for research, he always makes himself available to answer a question, join a call, or help out wherever he is needed.

As a person living with MG, Paul offers us invaluable insights into the patient experience. As an MD who works in the pharmaceutical industry, he also regularly offers his critical insights and perspectives on research and drug development.

Since 2021, Paul has helped lead our efforts to improve the MGFA Global MG Patient Registry, including working with staff and other board members to develop a thoughtful strategy for this important repository of patient information. Paul shared why he is passionate about the benefits of the registry for MG patients and researchers:

“The data from the registry will greatly contribute to much better understanding of the progression and remission of MG over time, and what risk factors are associated with the types of MG. Actual self-reported patient data is critical to help researchers build better trials and drive groundbreaking research to help us find better treatments for those diagnosed with MG.”

Paul encourages those diagnosed with myasthenia gravis - the experts on their disease - to join the MGFA Global MG Patient Registry. Doing so is one way to have a voice and provide a much-needed and valuable perspective on the disease.

We are grateful to have Paul's expertise and leadership on the Board of Directors.

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