Why You Should Walk for a World Without MG
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Why the MG Walk Matters to Me

Why the MG Walk Matters to Me

By Kate Stober

My name is Matt Bornstein, and I’m excited to chair the MGFA’s 2024 MG Walk in New York on September 21. This event brings together the MG Community to raise critical funds for MG research, as well as education and support resources for those affected by MG.


I'd like to tell you how my myasthenia gravis journey brought me here.


I was diagnosed with generalized myasthenia gravis in 2011 and, like so many of those with MG, everyday tasks became extremely difficult. My entire life changed overnight.


In 2018, through the MGFA, I was able to meet the local NYC group that met once a month to talk about their lives with MG.


Inspired by the support I received, four years later I became an MG Friend. This program connects me to newly diagnosed patients who are just as scared and confused as we all are the first time we hear the words "myasthenia gravis.” 


By connecting to these new patients, I'm able to offer guidance and insights about the disease. I can connect people throughout the country to support groups and other resources in their area.


In 2019, the MGFA had their last MG Walk in New York. I met patients, their friends, and their families who were there to support our community. I remember it being such a rewarding, beautiful, and sunny day.


Unfortunately, due to Covid, we’ve taken a few years off, and 2024 will be our first MG Walk since the pandemic. I was overjoyed to be offered the opportunity to be the chairperson for the 2024 MG Walk in New York.


Fundraising is crucial to rare diseases, as it can open doors to new treatment options. 


Have you noticed some new commercials about myasthenia gravis? Has your doctor wanted to talk with you about new treatments? Have you heard about programs like MG Friends and the MGFA’s Community Health Fairs?


Each of these are the result of successful fundraising. People living with myasthenia gravis are in a better place to deal with this disease than I was 13 years ago because of resources available to us now.


It's more important than ever to restart the MG Walk. We’re closer than ever to a world without MG. But to get there, we need you.


In 2011, I started my life as a myasthenia gravis patient. I'm here today as a stronger and healthier person because of the medical advancements made in the MG community over the years. Your gifts and your support matter. Join us this year as we walk for hope, awareness, and a cure.


I hope to see you in New York, or that you can attend one of the other MG Walks this year in Boston or Tampa!


Find out more information and register at myasthenia.org/Events/MG-Walk.

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