Pediatric MG: Listen to This Podcast Episode
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Pediatric MG: Listen to This Podcast Episode

By Kate Stober

Recently, MGFA was invited to speak about MG and our work on the Go Shout Love podcast. Go Shout Love raises awareness for rare disease by telling stories of affected kids. Each month, a different family is featured, and t-shirts sold by the organization support the kids’ medical journeys.


In March, Go Shout Love featured Elizabeth and Charlotte, two girls with myasthenia gravis and systemic autoinflammatory disease. This combination of diseases is extremely rare, especially in pediatric patients.


Meridith O’Connor, MGFA’s AVP for patient engagement, advocacy, and policy, knows something about pediatric MG – she was diagnosed herself as at 13 years old.


On the podcast, she talks with Josh Veach, co-director of Go Should Love, and Dr. Jonathan Strober, director of the Neuromuscular Clinic at Benioff Children’s Hospital at the University of California San Francisco. They discuss diagnosing and treating MG in pediatric patients, how to advocate for yourself or your children, and how best to work with your medical team.


Listen to "115 - Stronger Together - A Closer Look at Myasthenia Gravis" on Spreaker.

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