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Mission & Vision

Our Vision: A World Without MG


Our Mission: Create Connections, Enhance Lives, Improve Care, Cure MG


Our Values

RESPECT: We strive for an inclusive organization that strengthens our ability to fulfill our mission. We support and celebrate diversity of thought and individual experience. We earn trust through consistent demonstration of integrity, ethical behavior, and uncompromising professionalism.


EXCELLENCE: We are committed to excellence in all we do. We are accountable to one another and the public for our decisions on behalf of MGFA and the MG community. Through the judicious use of human and financial resources, we are leading the MG community into a world without MG.


TRANSPARENCY: We support an organizational culture that promotes broad involvement in decision-making, open and direct communication, cooperation and teamwork.


COLLABORATION: We believe that progress is derived from collaboration that emerges from positive relationships in advancing research, education and patient services.


CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We face every challenge knowing that new solutions will be required to manage the increasingly complex environment in which we operate. We approach our work with creativity to solve the issues that we face personally and professionally.


The MGFA Strategic Plan

Please READ the MGFA Strategic Plan devised by the Board of Directors with critical input and guidance from members of the MG community.


Mission Delivery Strategies:

  • Create a robust resource network to improve access and enhance lives for those with MG.
  • Build a nationwide support network for those affected by MG.
  • Spearhead and support promising research on MG.
  • Improve time to diagnosis and care for MG through professional education, diagnostic tools and outreach.
  • Raise awareness about MG through advocacy, communications and education.


We invite you to learn more about our work, our impact, and the compelling stories of those that we serve by viewing our MG Awareness Video.  

A World Without MG