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MGFA New England Virtual Regional Conference

Together: Celebrating the Power of the MG Community

Thank you for attending or learning more about the annual New England Regional Conference that was held on October 31 and November 1 2020. We learned so much from our informative presenters and we thank these critical experts for their time and commitment to the MG Community. To view the sessions from the regional conference, visit the links below.


Topic: New England Regional Conference Day 1

Date: Oct 31, 2020

Access Day 1 Materials Below:
Day 1.0 New England Welcome Slides_10-23-2020
Day 1.2 Accomplishments
Day 1.3 Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis
Day 1.4 Myasthenia Gravis EGREENE10.30.20
Day 1.5 NE Patient Registry Slides Final
Day 1.6 Dr. Howard Presentation
Day 1.6.1 New Treatment Path Outline
Day 1.7 Closing


Topic: New England Regional Conference Day 2

Date: Nov 1, 2020

Access Day 2 Materials Below:
Day 2.1 Dr. Rowin Slides _ Nutrition
Day 2.2 Partner video
MGFA Slideshow 2020



Exercise Videos



View the "power packed" group of key speakers HERE ON OUR BIOS PAGE.
Check out our regional conference AGENDA for both days HERE.




New Englanders are hearty, tough, strong people who care about history and come together with our family and friends to celebrate summers (that are too short) and take advantage of gorgeous fall seasons and winter activities.


And when people in our region have to deal with adversity in their lives, such as living with the serious neuromuscular disease Myasthenia Gravis, then we come together to help, provide guidance, and offer support and options. 


This year at our MGFA New England Regional Conference, we came together VIRTUALLY and online, to celebrate the Power of the MG Community in our New England States. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not see each other in person, but as always, we highlighted important research, celebrated milestones and progress, and connected in a way that ensures those living with MG have a support system to navigate their lives with this disease.


Attendees of the event:


  • Learned about new advancements and progress around treatments for MG.
  • Heard from medical professionals, clinicians, and government officials focused on the fight against MG.
  • Learned about developments in the research industry space in the New England area.
  • Obtained information about MG wellness and navigating your life with MG.
  • Heard from MGFA executives and New England-based patients who will highlight the latest news in the MG Community.


Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which antibodies mistakenly attack and destroy neuromuscular connections. This causes weakness in the muscles that control basic movements, including the ability to walk, swallow, blink, breathe and smile. Myasthenia gravis affects everyone in different ways. Each day, tens of thousands of people of every race, gender and age live with these life altering symptoms. While there are treatments, there is currently no cure for MG.


The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) is the only national health-based organization in the United States dedicated solely to the fight against myasthenia gravis. With the money raised through virtual and on-site events, the MGFA can provide valuable funds for research, education, community programs and advocacy.


The MGFA continues to support people with MG, their caregivers and families through many different ways, including:

  • Promoting and funding research for MG
  • Creating the MG Patient Registry
  • Hosting the MG Conference annually
  • Implementing and maintaining support groups across the country
  • Offering podcasts and webinar series to share information and to educate patients with MG
  • Funding an annual scientific session
  • Funding and hosting an international symposium on MG and related disorders every five years


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