Research Webinar Series: ME&MGopen, an innovative research study with a groundbreaking digital tool for Myasthenia gravis
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Research Webinar Series: ME&MGopen, an innovative research study with a groundbreaking digital tool for Myasthenia gravis

By Nick Patrone
Event date: 9/21/2023 3:00 PM Export event

The Power of Medical Records in MG Research

Presented by Emma Touré Cuq, International Clinical Trials Manager at Ad Scientiam

September 21, 2023 @ 3PM Eastern, 12PM Pacific

ME&MGopen is a smartphone application developed by Ad Scientiam. It features active tests to assess breathing, dysarthria (difficulty speaking), ptosis (eyelid drooping), arm and leg weakness. The mobile app also includes online questionnaires related to activities of daily living, pain, insomnia, quality of life and depression. The ME&MGopen research study aims to better understand Myasthenia Gravis in real life, collecting data directly from the patient’s perspective with an exclusive digital tool. The study also aims to collect feedback from participants to improve ME&MGopen app. Join this webinar to learn more about the study objectives & design and find out about the first insights gathered from the analysis!


Ad Scientiam is a young French company created in 2013, based in Paris. Our team is composed of researchers, data science engineers, user experience experts, interface designers, web and mobile developers, clinical project managers and medical innovation specialists. We work together in synergy to develop the most appropriate digital solutions in collaboration with medical experts and patient associations.
At the heart of Ad Scientiam’s project is a conviction: continuously measuring and following the evolution of severe and disabling diseases in real life is the key to better care for patients. Ad Scientiam is taking this scientific and technological bet, so that today each patient can be an actor in their own health and to accelerate the development of new treatments. We are committed to ensuring that the medicine of tomorrow is more predictive, preventive and individualized. Their use allows Ad Scientiam to provide innovative, easy-to-use and intuitive solutions

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