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Volunteers are the heart and hands of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. We are currently seeking uniquely qualified volunteers, who are empowered by their experience with MG and can join us in bringing awareness, educational programming and support to local MG communities across the country. We seek volunteers in with a wide array of expertise, ranging from social media, to healthcare to fundraising. 



Become an MG Friend


If you are a person living with MG, or a caregiver of someone with an MG diagnosis, and can provide practical advice, an understanding ear, and emotional support, consider becoming an MG Friend! 


Who are our MG Friend Volunteers?
Our MG Friends volunteers are men and women of different ages and experiences with both life and with MG. Volunteers have at least two years of experience living with MG (either as a person diagnosed with the disease or a family member). Demonstrate empathy and a sincere desire to help others. 


What does an MG Friend volunteer provide? 
Through phone and email communication, an MG Friend provides confidential conversations, active and reflective listening, techniques to overcome day-to-day challenges, local resources as well as information and answers to FAQ . Through our Partners in MG Care Program  and Physician Referral List  , our MG Friends   also provide neurologist names and contact information. 


How to become an MG Friend volunteer?
To become an MG Friend, you will be scheduled for a 30-minute interview. You must meet the requirements and satisfactorily complete the MG Friend two-hour online training course. Our MG Friends volunteer their time remotely – phone, computer and connection to the internet is required.  


Support Group Leaders and Co-Leaders


Are you interested in forming an in-person or virtual Support Group in the MG Community? The MGFA has resources and training to help you get started! 

Our Leaders and Co-Leaders are trained volunteers who organize and give structure to meetings that take place with those living with MG and their families. Leaders establish and run Support Groups by coordinating meeting spaces, guest speakers and local promotion. Leaders receive facilitator training, to ensure members feel welcomed, the atmosphere is friendly and that everyone has an opportunity to speak. 

Don’t have a Support Group in your area?  
Our Support Group Calendar  is home to existing and forming groups across the country.  Don’t see your city or state listed? Consider forming a group. You will receive a Support Group Leader's Manual, training and support from the MGFA in getting your group off the ground and keeping it going.


MG Walk Volunteer


Volunteering for the MG Walk is a wonderful way to come together and support the mission of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. We have a variety of opportunities to meet your skills and interests, either as part of the local walk committee or on the day of the event.  We also have opportunities for groups, such as school or church groups.  As a volunteer, you can make an impact and be MG STRONG. To become an MG Walk Volunteer, please see here

For more information, please visit www.MGWalk.org or contact the MG Walk team at 1-855-MGWalks (649-2557)



Awareness and Advocacy


June is MG Awareness Month

2020 will be the 20th June is MG Awareness Month coordinated by the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. The MG Community will come together with patients and families, community leaders, health professionals, researchers and drug developers to spread awareness on MG across the country.


What is MG June Awareness Month?

When MGFA was founded in 1952 one of the major motivations was the need to get information about MG to those who could benefit. In the 1990’s MG Awareness Week was started to pursue information and education in a concentrated effort. In June 2000, MGFA expanded awareness week to awareness month, declaring it MG Awareness Month. Since it’s institution, MGFA has sought to intensify its efforts during June.


1.    Share Your Story!
2.    Plan or Attend a Local Event 
3.    Join an MG Walk 
4.    Distribute MG  Infographic to Local Offices and Business
5.    Write an Elected Official
6.    Light Up a Building / Monument 
7.    Be a Social Media Bug!


Awareness All Year Long
You can bring education and awareness on MG to your community all year long.

Educate others by providing accurate and up-to-date information on MG. Download the MG Infographic and distribute to family, friends and local venues.  Wear your MG T-Shirt  and let it serve as a conversation starter and identifier. 

Fundraise in your community by organizing a Community Walk or DIY Fundraiser. The power is put directly into your hands, and allows you to become the driving force behind funding for MG research, and ultimately, finding a cure. 

Advocate with rare disease advocates from across the country at Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill ! Become educated on federal legislative issues, meet other advocates, and share your story with legislators. 

Raise Awareness by participating in June is MG Awareness Month. Plan to attend an event near you, light up a building for MG or secure a proclamation! Download the June Awareness Toolkit to get started.


The MGFA is dedicated to improving the lives of myasthenia gravis patients and caregivers through a public policy advocacy program working with government; physicians; professional organizations and the MG community.  Our aims include increasing funding for MG research and education, and to ensure patient access to high quality care.  Our goals are to achieve improved outcomes for MG patients whether by supporting research, improving clinical care, or enhancing education. 

We cannot act alone, together our voice is stronger.

Advocate with us at Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill

Bring Attention to MG on Rare Disease Day

We cannot act alone, together our voice is stronger.  Advocate with MGFA at Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill 2020 by registering, here!



Read MGFA's Statement on the IVIG Shortage here


Read MGFA's Advocacy Alert from July 8, 2019 here


Volunteer Awards & Recognitions


Volunteers are the heart of MGFA, and each year we recognize phenomenal leaders who have made significant impact in the MG community.

2019 Volunteer of the Year: Alexis Rodriguez

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Rebecca Molitoris

2017 Volunteer of the Year: Susan Klinger

2016 Volunteer of the Year: Janet Myder


A World Without MG