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Financial and Support Assistance

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*MGFA has not directly contributed to materials from the following organizations or companies, but provide this list as a resource to evaluate which options may be right for you. 


MGFA partners with The Patient Helpline to provide MG patient support and navigation services

The Patient Helpline is a patient support and navigator program that provides online, email, and phone support to help connect patients to the services they need.

The Patient Helpline is here to help patients, caregivers, and allies find solutions when they are not sure how to find them on their own. The services may be out there; their Navigators can help people find them.



The Patient Helpline can…

  • Find an organization that specializes in addressing your specific concern at the federal, state, or local level.
  • Give you websites and phone numbers to problem-solving agencies.
  • Share the solutions that have already been proven to help others.
  • Listen with care and compassion to your need.

The Patient Helpline is a program of Patients Rising. Formed in 2015 as a 501(c)3, Patients Rising has developed a significant following of over 110,000 patients and caregivers and has guided more than 25,000 of them on their journeys to advocate for themselves and their loved ones to get the care and treatments they need to live a fulfilling life.

Stuck? Call 800-685-2654 or email



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The Assistance Fund: Helps with Medical Out-of-Pocket Costs for MG Patients

Millions of people don’t have access to the medicines they need because they can’t afford them. The Assistance Fund believes nothing should stand between you and your treatment.

If you are eligible for support, we provide financial assistance to cover costs not paid by insurance. The Assistance Fund is an independent charitable patient assistance organization that helps patients and families facing high medical out-of-pocket costs by providing financial assistance for their copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and other health-related expenses.

We have added patients diagnosed with myasthenia gravis to our program, and you can apply. We will work with eligible patients to help cover FDA-approved medications that treat myasthenia.

LEARN MORE by visiting The Assistance Fund website or call (855) 845-7608

Eligible patients will be a:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Diagnosed with MG.
  • Prescribed an FDA-approved treatment for the disease.
  • Have prescription coverage for the prescribed treatment.
  • Meet financial eligibility criteria based upon household income and size.

Since our founding in 2009, The Assistance Fund has helped more than 160,000 children and adults access the treatment they need to stay healthy or manage a life-threatening, chronic, or rare disease.



PAN Foundation Provides Financial Assistance for Prescription Medication

People with myasthenia gravis can get help paying for out-of-pocket costs associated with their perscription medication.


Since 2004, the PAN Foundation has provided over $4 billion in financial assistance to some one million patients with more than 70 different diseases. MGFA is one of 25 leading national patient advocacy groups around the country allied with the organization to help support patient needs.


The foundation supports people with many different types of rare and chronic diseases, including myasthenia gravis.


The PAN Foundation provides three types of funding to patients:

  • Medication copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.
  • Health insurance premiums.
  • Transportation costs associated with treatment.


Funding grants cover the average annual out-of-pocket cost for FDA-approved prescription medications for that disease. For MG in 2023, that’s $9,100 per year, per patient. The foundation also covers up to $500 per year in transportation reimbursement.


There are several specific eligibility criteria for an MG patient to qualify for assistance. These include being a U.S. resident and having Medicare insurance and a qualifying income. Learn much more about the process and qualifications for grant awards at


This MGFA-hosted webinar from fall 2023 also shares some great information about the PAN Foundation's resources for people living with MG.




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