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MG Community

MGFA offers many educational and informative materials to help you live with MG. Receive an email with our MGFA Digital Patient Pack with links to webinars, educational materials, support groups, and research information. Complete the online form in this link and you will receive the email with an added option for a hard copy version. You can also reach out to the MGFA at


Living with your Myasthenia and Navigating Your Disease Journey

Whether you have recently received your myasthenia gravis (MG) diagnosis or you have been living with MG for years, you may find yourself wondering how to live your best life possible. Adjusting to life with MG may require you to do some things differently. Arming yourself with the latest information from MG experts and hearing other people’s stories may help guide you on your MG journey.


MGFA offers many educational and informative materials to help you live with MG.


Please visit the links on the right side of this page in the gray sidebar to access a number of resources provided by the MGFA or continue to scroll down to learn more.


Start with our Wellness Webinar Series and What’s New in Research Webinar series.

We provide many webinars during the course of the year. The MGFA Wellness Series introduces many qualified and experienced presenters to help you focus on your own health and wellness while living with MG. The What’s New in MG Research webinar features medical professionals and academic leaders who are MG experts. Their presentations showcase new discoveries, research, and information about the latest progress.
Register for upcoming wellness series events
Register for upcoming research series events



YouTube Videos are Extremely Informative

Check out the MGFA YouTube page to view many types of videos including conferences, speaking sessions, patient stories, scientific presentations, and many more. Watch Now.



Find MG Support Groups

Are you looking to connect with others who share common life experiences? Support Groups can offer you support, resources, educational programming as well as social and recreational activities. Share your story, learn from local professionals, and offer support to family and friends. Look for an upcoming support group to join, or even become a support group leader. Learn more about support groups.



Find an MG Friend – Or Become an MG Friend Yourself

Are you or someone you know looking for phone support to help manage myasthenia? MG Friends are here to support you! Our free peer-to-peer phone support program helps to ensure that everyone in the community gets the information they need, and know they are not alone in living with myasthenia gravis. While Support Groups are critical to service delivery, there are many people who are not able to access this service or who feel more comfortable talking one-on-one than sharing in a group setting. MG Friends provides the opportunity for a person with questions and concerns to connect to someone else with MG—no matter where they live in the United States. Connect Now.


Managing your MG

Managing your MG symptoms and learning “tips and tricks” to help you live better while traveling – or simply going about your daily routines – can take discipline and courage. Read about some of the best ways to manage your symptoms and live better with MG or how to manage an MG Crisis.


Read other resources that MGFA has prepared to help you.

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