Courage and Volunteerism in Spite of an MG Diagnosis
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Let’s Be Courageous, Together

Let’s Be Courageous, Together

By Caroline Gayler

Meet Priscilla Forrester. Diagnosed with MG in 2020, Priscilla gives back by serving as a lead for our new Community Health Fair program, which connects MG patients with local resources. She is also a donor and avid fundraiser for MGFA.


Like many people with myasthenia gravis, accountant Priscilla Forrester suffered debilitating symptoms for years before she knew what was wrong.


“I felt like I was suffering in silence,” Priscilla shares. “I wasn’t even talking to friends and family about what I was going through.”


In 2020, she was finally diagnosed with MG and could start her journey toward recovery. And she realized she didn’t have to go at it alone. She found the courage to open up to her network of family and friends, to ask for help, and to take a bold step: organizing a MGFA Coast-to-Coast walk team when she wasn’t sure she could walk around the block.


Priscilla’s courage helped her find a community when she most needed one and a network where she could find resources and support for herself – and make a difference for others with MG. She’s now an active MGFA volunteer and donor.


“Connecting with other MG warriors on their journey and spreading awareness about this rare disease is why I enjoy volunteering and fundraising for the MGFA. The Foundation’s website is one of the resources I relied on when first diagnosed and giving back by volunteering has been an amazing help in my healing.”


No one with MG should suffer in silence. That’s the power of the MG community. And you, our donors, ensure this important work continues. Together we have the courage to imagine a future once thought impossible – a world without MG.


Through support for MG patients and their caregivers, life-changing research, and critical advocacy work, we are getting closer every day. Join us in making this work possible. Make a gift today.


Together, we are facing this difficult disease with hope, working toward a brighter future for those with MG. You are our most important partner as we work to create connections, enhance lives, improve care, and cure MG.


Thank you for investing in our critical mission.


With gratitude,
Caroline Gayler
National Director of Strategic Impact and Investment

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