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MG Friends Program


Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis?
Now what? Do you have questions?
Do you feel like you are on an “MG island” alone?  

Well, you are NOT alone – You already have an MG Friend.

The MG Friends program connects people with myasthenia and their caregivers to experienced, trained MG patients who can share common experiences and help you manage your myasthenia. Are you looking for personalized phone support to help? Connect with an MG Friend right away.  


How It Works

MG Friends are here to support you! This FREE peer-to-peer phone support program helps ensure that you have the information you need to face this diagnosis and improve your quality of life. 

MGFA will match you with an MG Friend who has similar needs so you can obtain information that closely matches your current situation. You can contact that person and engage in live, one-on-one phone or Zoom conversations and build a productive MG friendship.


A Personal Connection 

While Support Groups are critical to service delivery, there are many people who are not able to access or travel to support groups. And, many feel more comfortable talking one-on-one than sharing experiences in a group setting. MG Friends provides the opportunity for a person with questions and concerns to connect to someone else with MG—no matter where they live in the United States.

Share ideas, goals, fears, and experiences in a private, non-recorded environment.   Learn about and implement new management techniques.   Benefit from people based on their own personal MG experiences.


Enroll in MG Friends


Do you have questions? Contact us at MGFA@myasthenia.org or at 1-800-541-5454.

Connect with a MG Friend

Become an MG Friend


If you have lived with MG and want to share your experiences with newly-diagnosed people, enroll here.



MG Friends Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of questions can I ask?

We encourage you to ask questions about support, resources, guidance on general everyday living with MG. MG Friends are here to offer support and advice to help you manage your MG. They cannot provide medical advice or guidance.


Do I pick my own MG Friend? 

Not exactly, but we offer well-trained MG Friends who have similar experiences, so you will meet with someone who can address most of your support questions and provide good advice.


Should I have a set of questions ready?

You certainly can if you want, but many times, MG Friends know what to ask and how to direct the conversation so you obtain the greatest benefit possible.

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