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MG Support Groups

Are you looking to connect with others who share common life experiences? MGFA-sanctioned Support Groups can offer you support, resources, educational programming as well as social and recreational activities. There are so many benefits for patients and caregivers in our Support Groups. Here are just a few:


Share Your Story

Support Groups are an opportunity to share your MG experiences openly and freely in a safe setting. Sharing your MG journey will not only offer you a sense of empowerment, but will help others in finding reassurance and learning new strategies to living with MG.


Learn from Local Professionals

Support Groups offer educational programming and invite guest speakers directly from your community to present on a variety of topics. Many times, we schedule medical professionals and neurologists who can address questions, or wellness experts to give you tips about living with MG. We also feature corporations or industry companies to showcase new research studies and treatments. There are opportunities to learn about exercising techniques, insurance information, wellness, diet and more.


Offer Support to Your Family & Friends

Support Groups are led by the community and naturally become family-oriented. We typically turn to our family and friends first, but they may need support too! Support Group meetings are an opportunity for your family, caregiver and / or friends to learn more about MG.


Online Support Groups are Open to Anyone Regardless of Where You Live

We will continue to offer virtual hybrid or fully online Support Groups as well as in person meetings. Online groups are open to anyone in the MG Community no matter where you live. Many groups have educational guest speakers so anyone can learn from their expertise. Check with Support Group leaders about virtual meetings. 


Young Adults - Spanish Language - Caregiver Support Groups

Join MAYA (Myasthenia Advocacy for Young Adults) during one of their virtual meetings to connect with other young adults about your experiences living with MG. To learn more, please email Jessica Milanes at Or check into our Spanish language support groups. Contact: Leah Gaitan-Diaz We even have Caregiver Support Groups to help those who are taking care of an MG Patient. Contact: Toni Gitles at for those.


If you are interested in starting a support group or learning more, please reach out to Dova Levin at or you can contact the MGFA at 1-800-541-5454 or email at


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