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Community Events & Do-It-Yourself Fundraising


What are Community Events and Do It Yourself Fundraising Initiatives?

Both Community Events and Do It Yourself Community Initiatives are carried out by people in local regional areas that raise funds for MGFA independent of our staff-driven walk or golf events. A Community Event is when an MGFA Volunteer Leader decides to take on the logistics and planning of a tangible event to benefit MGFA, such as planning a softball tournament, a dinner party or small walk just to name a few. A Community Initiative is when an MGFA Volunteer Leader initiates any other fundraising opportunity in their community such as asking a local restaurant to donate a percentage of each check to MGFA, asking for donations in lieu of birthday or holiday gifts which make great Facebook fundraisers!


Who is a Community Organizer?

That’s you! You are reading this because you have a strong passion for helping to fund research for MGFA and want to use that passion (and your creativity!) to coordinate fundraising events in support of the organization’s mission.


About MGFA Community Fundraising

Our Community Fundraising program provides an opportunity for our community to support the organization through their own fundraising events and initiatives. These events and initiatives aren’t just about raising money; they are also about spreading awareness in your local community and providing the opportunity for those around you to participate in the mission of MGFA. We have Community Organizers plan and host all different types of events and initiatives, so let’s get started figuring out which is the best fit for you!


Steps to host your community event

  • IMPORTANT STEP 1: Contact our National Director of Field Development Tasha Duncan about your event and the resources MGFA can provide you. Email her at tduncan@myasthenia.org.
  • Pick your event type, date, venue, admission price and general fundraising goal
  • Create an online event/donation page
  • Organize a committee of family/friends to help
  • Prepare a budget, create a timeline, and reach out to potential sponsors
  • Carry out the logistics & marketing for your event
  • Host your event & have fun
  • Thank your donors, participants, and supporters!
  • If you or someone you know has a birthday coming up then quickly create a Birthday Fundraiser. Be a member of the MGFA Birthday Club and visit Our Birthday Club webpage to start your birthday fundraiser today.





Staff support: Our National Director of Field Development Tasha Duncan is just an email or call away. Review your event with Tasha, obtain key resources, and learn about additional ideas to make sure your event is a success! Contact her at tduncan@myasthenia.org

Website: MGFA works with a fundraising platform called CLASSY that will allow you to design a fundraising page suited for any type of event you choose to host.  We will work with you to create your page and then give you the resources to help you manage it.

Materials: Request materials for your event such as a disposable banner, information on MGFA, and more.

Social Media: Tag the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America in a Facebook post as well as tweet at …….. and Instagram at  …….. for a possible national retweet!

Press Kit: We want to make it easy for you to share your event with your local community and media, so we’ll provide you with a templated press kit and a how to guide on marketing your event.

Community Events Calendar: We’re proud of our Volunteer Leaders efforts and want to make sure your community knows which events are coming up. Talk to our Fundraising Director about being included in the list of Community Events found at the bottom of the main page.

  • Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions – READ THIS BEFORE STARTING FUNDRAISER
  • Expenses related to the fundraiser
  • Pre-event planning and event day execution
  • Advertising the event to your local community and media
  • Tracking invites and attendees
  • Designing and producing communication materials
  • Pulling permits and insurance for the event, if applicable
  • Filling in your event website template with details


Your event’s connection to MGFA: When planning your event, please keep in mind how you talk about the event’s connection to MGFA. With Community Fundraising Events and Initiatives not considered official organizational events, The MGFA should be listed as the beneficiary to your event with the language “to benefit” or “to support” the MGFA.

Expenses related to the event: All expenses related to the Event or Initiative will be the Volunteer Leader’s responsibility. The MGFA cannot open bank accounts to support Community Fundraisers and cannot be responsible for the expenses tied to Community Fundraisers.

Logo & Brand Usage: While we encourage you to use the MGFA logo in connection with your Fundraising Event or Initiative, we do ask that you don’t stretch or distort the organization’s logo. If you have any questions about logo usage, please contact the National Director of Field Development @ tduncan@myasthenia.org

Submitting donations or event proceeds: Always direct donors to the online fundraising event or initiative page on the Classy platform to make an online donation – this is the fastest and easiest way for donations to be connected with your Community Fundraiser.

Option 1: Volunteer Leaders collect checks: Volunteer Leaders can collect donors’ checks made payable to The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America and send them directly to the MGFA, Attn: MGFA Community Events at 290 Turnpike Road, Suite 5-315, Westborough, MA 01581. Such donations will be processed and acknowledged by the MGFA under the organization’s tax identification number. Please include a note with the checks designating which Community Event or Community Initiative the donation is connected with so we can properly credit your event.

Option 2: Donors mail check directly: Event donors can mail checks directly to the MGFA, Attn: MGFA Community Events at 290 Turnpike Road, Suite 5-315, Westborough, MA 01581. Donors must record the event name on the check memo line.

Option 3: Community Organizers receive cash or checks made out to them personally: If a Volunteer Leader receives cash or a check made out to them personally, you are allowed to deposit the checks or cash. The Volunteer Leader must then send a check made out to the MGFA for the deposited amount or make an online donation to his/her event page for the deposited amount. If the Volunteer Leader submits donations this way, only the Volunteer Leader will receive acknowledgement from MGFA.

Upcoming DIY and Community Events Calendar

NAME:  Art and Handmade Auction for MG 2021
DATE:  June 1-13
DETAILS:  Online art auction to benefit the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America.

We're looking for items such as: fiber arts, paintings, photography prints, pottery, art prints and handmade items like jewelry, soaps, home decor/signs, candles, etc. Ideally, these are items that can be easily shipped and shipped at your cost. Submit your items here:  http://bit.ly/ArtAuctionMG2021
CONTACT FOR MORE INFO: artformyasthenia@gmail.com 


NAME:  Farmhouse Yoga's MGFA Fundraiser

DATE:  June 13  12-3 pm eastern (in-person)

DETAILS:  Two years ago, in April 2019, my mom (Gina Dettore-Oradini) was diagnosed with MG. It was a very scary, confusing and challenging time for our family. My mom spent over a week in the Cleveland Clinic’s ICU; we waited long hours for answers, felt every emotion possible, and stayed hopeful. Since then, we have adjusted with her, supported her, and continue to keep ourselves educated and aware. As we keep adjusting and learning every day, alongside her, we hope others find the support they need too. But, we want to continue to help so I am hosting a Yoga class to fundraise for the MGFA.  MG awareness, research, treatment and support has become a very important part of both our family and Farmhouse Yoga’s mission.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION or TO DONATE: Farmhouse Yoga's MGFA Fundraiser (classy.org)


NAME: Book Sales 

DATE:  Ongoing 

DETAILS:  Author, Howard Caras is donating proceeds from the sale of his book to the MGFA 

Permanent Detour: My Personal Journey With Myasthenia Gravis

Availiable on Amazon

Kindel $9.99:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B84C66G

Paperback $15.95 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B7T1Q8C

Hardback $21.95 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B7T1Q8C



A World Without MG