Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month - MGFA
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Turn Awareness into Action - MG Awareness Month

June is MG Awareness Month around the world! Every year, the MG Community TAKES ACTION to CREATE AWARENESS, making sure people understand the challenges and opportunities faced by those diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and their caregivers. 


Check out these great ideas below to TURN AWARENESS INTO ACTION and get to work so everyone knows about myasthenia gravis. MGFA is offering a number of creative ways to show that WE ARE MUCH MORE THAN OUR MG


Stay tuned for new materials you can use in 2024.

Tell us how you are turning awareness into action

MGFA MG Awareness Month Toolkit 2023

Download the latest MGFA MG Awareness Month Toolkit for fun and creative ideas to drive awareness no matter where you live in the world. Contains new ideas and revisions, including forms that you can download to help get started.

Share the MG Fact Sheet with friends, colleagues, neighbors, and more.


Dare to Care

In 2023, we launched our new signature fundraising campaign, DARE to CARE! Dare your friends and family to care about MG, and raise both awareness and funds to support the MGFA's mission. Learn more and sign up on the DARE to CARE webpage. This fundraiser will be back in 2024!


Drive Awareness Activity Today!

MGFA Wall of MG Awareness: When you are engaged in awareness activity, take a photo and send it to the MGFA so to share on our Wall of MG Awareness. See activity from around the world!


PROCLAMATIONS: Meet with or call legislative leaders to secure a proclamation officially declaring June as MG Awareness Month. Use our handy PROCLAMATION SAMPLE DOCUMENT to help you write a request. We recommend you start working on securing proclamations in the February/March timeframe to have it in time for June. A list of contacts for all 50 states is located in the MG Awareness Month toolkit.

Once you secure your proclamation, submit it to our Proclamations Wall! 


MEDIA COVERAGE OF MYASTHENIA GRAVIS: Reach out to local media in your region to cover the challenges that MG patients face. Tell them your story, pitch them on key legislation, talk about your life with MG. Even write an article that you can submit as an opinion piece or letter to the editor (see below).These MEDIA PITCH SAMPLES making pitching a snap.


WRITE AN OP-ED ARTICLE IN LOCAL PAPER: If you really like writing, go ahead and compose a written opinion/editorial piece for your local paper or news source. Make sure your piece makes an argument of some kind. Simply contact the opinions editor, submit your written piece, and watch for the coverage. Check out our OP-ED SAMPLE document to learn more and see an example, and check out the OP-ED PROJECT for further tips as well as news contacts across America. 


LAWN SIGN: download this poster-sized sign and send it to your local print shop or office supply store to be printed. Post the sign prominently outside your home, at the office, or at a local community center to inspire everyone who sees it to take action and ask about MG. Then share the poster link with friends and family and ask them to do the same!


SkywheelBUILDING AND LIGHTING STRUCTURES: Lighting up iconic structures in signature teal is a great way to start conversation about MG in your community. Start this process in advance, as getting permission can take some time. Read the MG Awareness Month Toolkit to learn more about lighting up local buildings and structures.



MGFA Coloring PageCOLOR FOR MG AWARENESS: Relieve stress and color with our #MGStrong coloring page. Great for all adults and kids who want to show that they are always #MGStrong - just like all those living with MG and their caregivers. Take a photo of your artwork and share on social media streams or upload to the MG Awareness Wall.  

DOWNLOAD the COLORING PAGE, print it out, and get creative!


Social Media ThumbnailSPREAD THE WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA USING THESE TOOLS: Share one of the graphics linked below or share a fact from our 30 Facts for 30 Days sheet.

Use these prompts to guide your content:

  • What do you wish other people knew about having MG?
  •  How are you advocating for those who have MG – how are you turning awareness into action?
  •  What does a “day in the life” of a person with MG – or their caregiver or health care professional – look like?

You can also take videos or photos of your MG Awareness activity and share them with your network. We love seeing all the creative ways you take action, from restaurants fundraisers to yard signs to teal-and-snowflake manicures!

Click on each link to download the images.







Record a video and share on social media: Record an MG awareness video that highlights a call to action and helps people better understand myasthenia. Tell your friends and followers how you're turning awareness into action. Check out this video from members of the MG Community.



MGFA Online Store productsMGFA ONLINE STORE: Select apparel and other items to show off your support of the MG Community are available in the MGFA ONLINE STORE. You also can find #MGStrong and MG Snowflake apparel at other custom online retailers, such as Etsy. 


Watch Past Recordings of MG Awareness Events for additional ideas

PAINT N’ SIP: More than 100 members of the community joined several artists, including MG patient Erin Bernau, for a fun, online, Paint n’ Sip event. See the recording. Experience this Event Again with Video Recording.

MGFA Southeast Regional Online Conference:  Community friends and medical professionals in the Southeast USA joined together online to learn about the latest MG research and best practices. Watch the Event Recording.


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