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What’s New in MG Research

Wondering about the most recent progress in Myasthenia Gravis treatments research and clinical trials?

You’re invited to join our “What’s New in MG Research” webinar to learn about the latest research results, key clinical trial phases, and current outcomes from top research trials taking place right now. MGFA is offering this online webinar program series to anyone interested in learning more about the future of more effective MG treatments. We hope you’ll register for the latest update.


Webinar Replays


Read MGFA statement concerning Momenta acquisition announcement here.
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To learn about Momenta’s work with the MG Community, click here.


Disclaimer: This program is presented by Momenta Pharmaceuticals. MGFA is pleased to provide this informative program and we are proud to deliver independent and educational information to our MG community members. Please note that MGFA did not contribute to the content of this webinar and did not select the speakers. The views expressed by the guests are their own and their appearance in this program does not imply nor state a direct and exclusive endorsement of the host organization or any entity that it represents by MGFA.

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