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MGFA’s Impact on the MG Community

The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America has been making the most impact on MG since the 1950’s. Your generous donations and gifts have helped us deliver on the largest array of the most informative life-saving educational materials as well as fund only the most promising MG research to find new treatments and a cure.


Your generous donations help MGFA Make an Impact in So Many Ways:

Deliver on life-saving educational materials and informative programs including webinars, brochures, and events,

Fund only the most promising MG research to find better treatments and a cure,

Advocate for the rights and needs of MG patients and anyone across the rare disease space,

Connect with MG medical experts and patients from around the world,

Communicate research and disease news to our MG Community.

Your generosity enables us to IMPACT this disease and help everyone in the MG Community improve the quality of their lives. Our staff is able to deliver all these programs and resources because of you!


Check out our MGFA 2021 IMPACT REPORT


Download the Impact Report


Where Does Your Money Go? MGFA Delivers The Most Impactful Resources for Patients

Donors and fundraisers who support the MGFA enable us to deliver the absolute best educational materials, exciting and informative events, publications, programs, and online sessions about MG. MGFA is the MOST TRUSTED and leading resource for MGFA research funding and programming. CHECK OUT how MGFA MAKES AN IMPACT:

  • …new online and hard copy patient packages to newly-diagnosed individuals and their families.
  • ...MGFA Wellness Series webinars to help patients manage their MG.
  • ...MGFA What's New in MG Research webinars that highlight the latest research developments.
  • …support for patient and caregiver outreach efforts through our MG Friends and Partners in MG Care programs.
  • ...advocate for MG patient needs and making sure our voices are heard in government, insurance, and industry.
  • …educational brochures on myasthenia gravis and key treatments.
  • ...MG research funding and monetary awards to conduct new research in search of better treatments and a cure for myasthenia gravis.  
  • ...MG helpline and informational resource through mgfa@myasthenia.org.  
  • ...officially sanctioned MGFA Support Groups for patients to connect with other patients in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • …myasthenia gravis educational sessions and patient stories.
  • ...create medical research funding campaigns to enable major donors a channel to directly influence MG resources.
  • ...MyMG Mobile App to track symptoms and treatments while learning about MG and staying connected to events and resources.
  • ...MGFA Online Community that enables people to connect, chat and share MG experiences, and access information in a fun new way. 
  • …the ability to maintain and report on the ground-breaking MGFA Global MG Patient Registry.
  • …training for healthcare providers enabling them to identify MG and properly diagnose and treat the disease. 
  • …MG Emergency Management Education & Resources to deal with the potentially life-threatening complications of myasthenia gravis.
  • ...creating and building our MGFA Community Health Fairs to bring patients and caregivers together to share experiences.
  • ...scheduling national walk programs, regional events, tournaments, and challenges to raise money and showcase volunteers. 
  • …current and important information updates to the MG community.       
  • …the production and distribution of our exclusive Focus on MG magazine.
  • ...building monthly eNewsletters and other materials to inform and showcase stories across the MG Community.
  • ...tracking and reporting on currently recruiting and active MG clinical trials and research studies.
  • …training for potential facilitators to launch their own support groups. 
  • …resources to counsel patients and caregivers on navigating health insurance, financial and support challenges. 
  • …the means for sending a medical researcher to present research findings before peers. 
  • …plan and conduct our many conferences including the National Patient Conference, regional conferences, Scientific Session, and our International Conference.
  • …MG awareness campaigns for people who have symptoms but who may not have been diagnosed yet. 


Impact by the Numbers

$100 could fund [MGFA] support group meetings 
$250 could supply literature to doctors’ offices and support groups 
$250 could provide consultation for [an] individual who has been denied health care 
$1,000 could enable an MG scientist to attend and present at a scientific session 
$3,000 could bring support group leaders to the National Conference for education and training 
$5,000 could send a group to Washington, D.C. to advocate for better healthcare initiatives 
$25,000 could fund a pilot grant for research 







A World Without MG