Understanding How Your Impact Creates Change in the MG Community
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Understanding How Your Impact Drives Change in the MG Community

Understanding How Your Impact Drives Change in the MG Community

By Caroline Gayler

If you are a donor to any organization, no matter the size of your gift, it can be challenging to directly understand the impact your gift is making. And I can assure you, no matter the size, your gift matters. We are ready to address that challenge at the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) and make sure you, as a donor, understand exactly how your gift continues to make an impact.


I am thrilled to be part of the MGFA team as the new Director of Development. I have worked for a variety of health-related non-profit organizations in the past, including my most recent role in Development at March of Dimes HQ in the Washington D.C. area. As the new Director of Development at MGFA, my focus is to ensure the sustainability of the organization by connecting donors with impact. 


What exactly does that look like and what does it mean?


Growth and change are driven by our donors. Gifts from our constituents are the only way we’re able to fund new research, launch new programs, and support all the rock star community members across the MG field and on our team who make things happen. So, my role as Director of Development is solely to make sure that each donor knows exactly how their support has made that growth and change happen – and to help donors who want to continue investing in our mission in a way that is meaningful to them.


One of the many ways we are demonstrating impact to our donors is through our newly-launched Giving Circles. By joining a giving circle, you as a donor will have the opportunity to hear more directly from our team. As a result, you can be more up-to-date on inside information from the organization or medical professionals in the MG Community. More importantly, it gives our team a way to appropriately recognize and share our gratitude with these individuals who make change happen here at MGFA.


Joining a Giving Circle allows you to take a more active and engaged role in the organization. We offer benefits that are unique to each circle to demonstrate our recognition of how critical donors are to our operations. More benefits become available based on the level of investment you, as a donor, decide you’d like to make. This is just one of the many ways we hope to share our gratitude with you for supporting us in continuing this critical work.


I am incredibly grateful to be part of this team and serve as a resource for each of you. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey to helping achieve a world without MG. For more information on joining a Giving Circle, visit https://myasthenia.org/Get-Involved/Donor-Giving-Circles or email me directly at cgayler@myasthenia.org.


*P.S. If your annual individual giving exceeds $1,000, you’ll automatically become part of a Giving Circle and will receive information directly from me. You can join a Giving Circle anytime!

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