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Finding MG Care Providers

Partners in MG Care is a nationwide program that recognizes and supports quality MG care.


The Partners in MG Care program seeks to...

  • Create a network of quality MG healthcare providers

  • Strengthen healthcare provider- patient connections through information, services and support
  • Empower MG patients with a robust resource of healthcare providers and information
  • Enhance knowledge-sharing, professional education and networking opportunities about MG for healthcare providers


Our Approach

Partners in MG Care have interest in treating MG patients, experience treating MG, involvement in MG community, ability to refer patients to MGFA as well as promote and support MGFA activities.


A Partner in MG Care receives a recognition certificate and public acknowledgement on the MGFA website.  Information about their practice is shared with MG patients in their area seeking referrals.  MGFA will provide literature, educational opportunities, research and advocacy updates, clinical trial notifications, and other important information to participants of the program. Partners are invited to be a part of the MG Clinical Network.


How Do We Select Partners in MG Care

We use the following criteria to evaluate a healthcare provider for the Partners in MG Care program:

  • Experience with, and interest in, treating MG patients 
    • Information such as the following is collected to evaluate them for the program: professional training with MG, number of MG patients seen, continuing education around MG and any publications on MG that they have been part of 
  • Ability to refer patients to MGFA for support and resources
  • Involvement in the MG community
  • Willingness to promote and support MGFA's work 

Partners in MG Care providers are selected as per the criteria listed on this page. This indicates their clinical experience in seeing MG patients. As with all patient/doctor relationships, a patient should seek the best neurologists that meets your individual needs.


To search for medical providers that are in the Partners in MG Care, please search for experts in your region using the HOMEPAGE FIND A DOCTOR search bar (scroll down to the search bar on right side of page).


To learn more about how to become a Partner in MG Care, please contact us at MGFA@myasthenia.org.

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