MG Awareness Month Proclamations Wall
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MG Awareness Month Proclamations Wall

Every year in June, we receive official government proclamations designating the month as MG Awareness Month. Display your proclamation proudly on this online proclamations wall on our website. Simply submit a photo of your proclamation using the form on this page, add your contact information and state, and be sure to upload the photo. It will display on the page.


Click here to submit your proclamation.

Name: Michael     State/Region: Louisiana    Country: United States

Name: Kathi Timothy     State/Region: Florida    Country: United States

Name: fcy0la     State/Region: o8vlwt    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: Alamo Area Area Myasthenia Gravis Support Group     State/Region: Texas    Country: United States

Name: Alamo Area Myasthenia Gravis Support Group     State/Region: San Antonio    Country: United States

Name: cki0uw     State/Region: l5hs7s    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 7cx09b     State/Region: 9g1sk5    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: Audrey Getman     State/Region: New Hampshire    Country: United States

Name: g1wsrr     State/Region: nndda1    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: oafue4     State/Region: c25nzs    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 7w19l8     State/Region: mpyezy    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: wttrcz     State/Region: gi01h1    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: ga1ekx     State/Region: 0l89to    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 7v4rx4     State/Region: nfmj7s    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: e2riab     State/Region: pl7v6a    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: sldj3i     State/Region: jh33m8    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: sd27wn     State/Region: mw6xgg    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: r51ru9     State/Region: irub35    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: j76yf5     State/Region: np900i    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 08xzib     State/Region: wex7ac    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 6unbik     State/Region: 93a0d8    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 1uqf69     State/Region: efkyje    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: fbtpb6     State/Region: sumaao    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: dpkcz0     State/Region: 4hf6yt    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 6dtqxn     State/Region: kbh1s6    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 8ukvmh     State/Region: gdwsmr    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: bfqin1     State/Region: gb2tex    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 519jeg     State/Region: d7awgv    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: rr70ql     State/Region: paaxsr    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 5myrst     State/Region: cprk2a    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: kv9w2l     State/Region: jkt3ip    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: v8nub9     State/Region: ndqmzg    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: an17bo     State/Region: ha4rlm    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: vgawk8     State/Region: 5dgn4k    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: iyrjso     State/Region: rarpuk    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: ufu7yh     State/Region: 02ors5    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: 9gcvrx     State/Region: fq0myw    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: np4r81     State/Region: dnfg96    Country: Zimbabwe

Name: r8w4l8     State/Region: lzaxzb    Country: Zimbabwe


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By submitting my photo, I provide permission for the MGFA to use my image on the MG Awareness Wall, social media, and other marketing.






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