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Fundraising Toolkit and Resources

Here you’ll find all of the important tools and resources, proven to work by other fundraising volunteers, to help maximize your efforts and get us closer to a world without MG. These easy-to-follow fundraising tips, tricks, and tools will help you on your way to Fundraising Greatness!


The MGFA needs you to help support the MG Community by asking your friends, family, and colleagues to get involved and make an impact. Plan your fundraiser TODAY!


Fundraising Guidebook

Check out our Fundraising Guidebook to help you plan and deliver your fundraiser.
Fundraising Guidebook


Fundraiser Challenge Captains Guide

Use this helpful Captain’s Guide to learn the best ways to recruit and retain participants for your community fundraiser, whether a golf tournament, walk or other challenge.
Captains Guide


The Memory Jogger

This valuable, helpful list will remind you who to invite to your fundraising efforts.
Memory Jogger


Donation Form

Use this form for donors who prefer to make their gift with a check or money order.
Tracking Form


What is Myasthenia Gravis? Flyer

What is MG and how does it impact members of our community? This helpful flyer can assist you in explaining myasthenia to your networks and highlight why you are fundraising.
What is MG

A World Without MG