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Make Your Gift Go Further

Other Ways to Donate to MGFA


There are many ways you can give to MGFA. Here are a few ways you can make your gift go further. We are here to help – contact us with any questions you have:


Caroline Bowline, National Director of Strategic Impact and Investment,
Craig Strenger, VP of Development,
Tasha Duncan, National Director of Field Development,


Donor Advised Fund

Think about starting a donor advised fund (DAF) to maximize your tax benefits. Initial contributions for DAFs range from $0-$25,000. No matter your capacity to give, you can start taking advantage of benefits and make a critical impact at an organization you’re passionate about. Contact a financial advisor to get started or reach out to us at MGFA – we’d be happy to provide you with resources to help you get started.


Employer Matching Programs

Many companies have a program where they’ll match your donation to your organization of choice. It’s a simple way to double your impact. As you think about making a gift, ask your place of work about corporate matching. 


IRA Charitable Rollover

If you’re over 70 1/2, you can receive tax benefits by giving directly from your IRA. Contact us today with any questions.


Stocks & Securities

Donate highly appreciated stock. If the stock has increased in value, you can deduct the fair market value if you’ve held onto it for more than a year. You’ll avoid capital-gains taxes that you’d otherwise incur if you sell the stock and donate the profits. It’s a win-win for you and your charity of choice.


Legacy Planning

You can leave a legacy by choosing to designate MGFA as a beneficiary in your will, or by designating MGFA as the beneficiary of your life insurance, retirement, or bank account. We are here to support you as you make these important, impactful decisions.

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