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MG Affiliates

MG Friends

Are you or someone you know looking for phone support to help manage myasthenia? Connect with an MG Friend Right away by Completing this Online Form!


Connect with an MG Friend


MG Friends are here to support you! Our free peer-to-peer phone support program, MG Friends, helps to ensure that everyone in the community gets the information they need, and know they are not alone in living with myasthenia gravis. While Support Groups are critical to service delivery, there are many people who are not able to access this service or who feel more comfortable talking one-on-one than sharing in a group setting. MG Friends provides the opportunity for a person with questions and concerns to connect to someone else with MG—no matter where they live in the United States.  


Myasthenia Advocacy for Young Adults (MAYA)

The MGFA’s Myasthenia Advocacy for Young Adults (MAYA) is guided by the desire to help young adults on how to live a successful and positive MG lifestyle. In an effort to create a community for young MG patients to share their experiences and knowledge, MAYA develops discussion topics and engagement opportunities that are relative to the young adult demographic. MAYA offers virtual meet-ups and networking experiences, where all individuals feel welcomed and supported.

Want to get involved in MAYA?

Connect with the MAYA community in one of their upcoming virtual meetings. You can view the MAYA schedule here. To register, please email Jessica Milanes at


MG Organizations

Although MGFA is a national organization, we understand that there are benefits in having the support of regional organizations; believing in the notion that “together we’re stronger.” You can find more information on these regional organizations by clicking on the links below:


Partners & Affiliates

The MGFA works closely with a variety of groups that help us deliver on our mission and leverage our resources. 

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