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Community & Resources

MGFA offers many educational and informative materials to help you live with MG. Receive an email with our MGFA Digital Patient Pack with links to webinars, educational materials, support groups, and research information. Complete the online form in this link and you will receive the email with an added option for a hard copy version. You can also reach out to the MGFA at


When navigating life with myasthenia gravis (MG) it helps to have as much information and support as possible. From brochures, to webinars, to the latest news, the information below can help you on your journey with MG. You may find support by attending an MG event or joining an MG community.


Find MG Support Groups

Are you looking to connect with others who share common life experiences? Support Groups can offer you support, resources, educational programming as well as social and recreational activities. They provide opportunities to share your experiences openly and freely in a safe setting and you can learn from educational programming and invited guest speakers on a variety of topics. Online Support Groups are open to anyone regardless of where you live. Find online support groups and contact support group leaders to join today.


Connect with an MG Friend

Are you or someone you know looking for phone support to help manage myasthenia? MG Friends are here to support you! Our free peer-to-peer phone support program, MG Friends, helps to ensure that everyone in the community gets the information they need, and know they are not alone in living with myasthenia gravis. While Support Groups are critical to service delivery, there are many people who are not able to access this service or who feel more comfortable talking one-on-one than sharing in a group setting. MG Friends provides the opportunity for a person with questions and concerns to connect to someone else with MG—no matter where they live in the United States.  Connect with an MG Friend Right away by Completing this Online Form.  You can learn more about the MG Friends program here.


MGFA Partners in MG Care

Partners in MG Care is a nationwide program that recognizes and supports quality MG care. The Partners in MG Care program is comprised of medical professionals, doctors, and MG specialists. The program seeks to create a network of quality MG healthcare providers, strengthen healthcare provider- patient connections through information, services and support, empower MG patients with a robust resource of healthcare providers and information, and enhance knowledge-sharing, professional education and networking opportunities about MG for healthcare providers. You can access the Partners in MG Care list of medical professionals. Find out more about the Partners in MG Care program.


Education and Brochures

MGFA produces valuable educational brochures for the general public. These materials provide information about MG as well as treatments and programs. We have compiled these medically-reviewed MGFA materials in an online MGFA Educational Resources Toolkit. Access it online today.


Get Involved and Volunteer Today

Wondering how you can get more involved to help and support the MG Community? We have so many opportunities for you to dive right in! MGFA offers many fun ways to volunteer and get involved to support us in our quest for A World Without MG. Volunteers are the heart and hands of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. We are currently seeking uniquely qualified volunteers, who are empowered by their experience with MG and can join us in bringing awareness, educational programming and support to local MG communities across the country. We seek volunteers in with a wide array of expertise, ranging from social media, to healthcare to fundraising. Learn more:


Insurance, Financial, Medical Assistance

Many people with MG find resources and assistance from a number of organizations around the world. MGFA has compiled a list of these resources for insurance, financial, and medical assistance. You can access that information on this webpage:


Learn more about the MGFA and find out how you can support the MG community.

A World Without MG