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Research Initiatives

MGFA is dedicated to driving research to better understand, treat and cure myasthenia gravis for good. Our strategy:


  • Fund high-impact research with promising treatment pathways.
  • Provide post-doctoral fellowships to bring the best and brightest to the field of MG.
  • Foster collaboration and innovation through national and international conferences.
  • Advocate for critical research funding.
  • Advance understanding through the MG Patient Registry and clinical trials.


Our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) advises the Board of Directors on the most important research pathways to pursue.  Our Research Agenda, reviewed annually and assessed regularly, reflects these priorities.


Research Agenda

We support research that will improve the lives of patients with myasthenia gravis and related neuromuscular junction disorders. The committee has identified five broad research priorities:


  • Biomarkers: facilitate early diagnosis, predict clinical outcomes and immunosuppressive therapy response and utilize in clinical trials   
  • Disease Mechanisms: understand basic mechanisms and self-tolerance loss throughout course of disease
  • Targeted Therapies: develop new therapeutic targets, prevent widespread immunosuppression and off-target side effects, optimize treatment strategies with existing therapies
  • Patient Outcomes: understand the full impact of disease on daily living and patient treatment priorities, understand collateral effects of disease; related medical conditions, side effects and financial impact
  • Pediatric Treatment: identify strategies, safety concerns, and long-term outcomes


The Research Agenda intends to guide researchers towards areas of importance to our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. However, please do note that we will accept proposals outside of this scope to support promising science and innovation in the field of MG.

A World Without MG