MG Awareness Wall
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MG Awareness Wall

Show off how you are driving MG Awareness in June! This is the MG Awareness Wall that displays MG Community members TAKING ACTION to spread MG awareness around the world. Simply take a photo of yourself doing something to show off your awareness activity. Submit using the form to this page, add a caption, and then be sure to upload the photo. It will display on the page and in our slideshow at the top.


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Name: Michael Antonellis     Country: United States

Our neighborhood will know about MG.

Name: Andrea Ujj     Country: Hungary

" It's all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment, and not expecting a huge payoff. The magic in this world seems to work in whispers and small kindnesses.” ― Charles de Lint

Name: Nikolett Liszkai     Country: Hungary

I am in hospital now, I had the thymus gland surgery. A loving family and a MG patient supportgroup can help to survive difficult times.

Name: Krisztina Kőhalmy     Country: Hungary

I'm Krisztina from Hungary. I've been living with MG 21 years. I enjoy my life. I try to live every moment.

Name: Samm Masterson     Country: United States

This little one was Focusing on MG while I was sharing the latest edition of the MGFA Focus on MG publication with my family. Educating those closest to us helps to raise better awareness!!

Name: Donutz Dóra Fruzsina     Country: Romania

I'm 6 years old. I've been living with MG 4 years.

Name: Magdolna Bánrévi Kegyesné     Country: Hungary

I have been living with MG for 2 years. I am retired. My husband is Pál Kegyes, a nurse, who helped me a lot in the difficult situations. We like our supportive MG community. "Don't think that the bend is also the end of the road." Maria Fontaine

Name: Zoltán Lelkes     Country: Hungary

Lifestyle change is very important to me. An element of this is the use of herbs. I have a bunch of thyme in my hand ( Thymus vulgaris) This natural approach help me to can live an active and normal life with MG. With work and sport as well.

Name: Szilvi Kisné     Country: Hungary

My daily motto is, what help me by going forward: "I have told you, Man: strive on, and trust!" Imre Madach: The Tragedy of Man

Name: Meridith O’Connor     Country: United States

If you have to infuse, might as well cozy up with a teal blanket, right? Grateful to have treatments that help me manage my MG!

Name: István Gergely     Country: Hungary

I have been living with MG for 5 years. The family helps a lot with their love and understanding. Our two beautiful, adorable grandchildren give us a lot of joy.

Name: Szerénke Varga     Country: Serbia

I am member of the hungarian MG community and live in Vojvodina. Regarding the pic: MG condition "improver team". Password: bow-wow!!!

Name: Garry Morehouse     Country: Canada

Exercise is best prescription for active healthy living. My body never got the memo that MG is incurable. This was an all-day tournament in over 80f weather. Took silver 🥈

Name: Mónika Csapó     Country: Hungary

I have a fruit phobia for a long while. I know that vitamin supplementation from fruits is also necessary. I never used to eat oranges. We are now making friends with the orange. Never say never...

Name: Steve Patterson     Country: United States

Welcome my MGer friends and family, just as I have done for the past few years, I have the outside of my house lit up for MG Awareness Month. Illinois U.S.

Name: Henare Whaanga     Country: New Zealand

Blinged out my car for MG awareness Month.

Name: Ray Swan     Country: Australia

My front door for the next month go the mighty snow flakes.

Name: Tiara Dogan     Country: United States

I am coming up soon on my 1 year anniversary of my diagnosis! Still adjusting, moving, and thriving as well as I can. Looking forward to receiving a Thymectomy next month!!

Name: Hannah     Country: United States

Volunteering at the 2022 MGFA Tampa Health Fair!

Name: Garry Morehouse     Country: Canada

“ Exercise is the best doctor you can ever have!”– Comment made by a MG educational meeting speaker. Research indicates MG can tolerate exercise. Exercise has enabled me to get back in the game of Pickleball and return to a normal quality of living.


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