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Apply Your Expertise

Scientific Meetings and Conferences

  • Scientific Session: Annual meeting that provides medical professionals the opportunity to learn from colleagues about current, pre-publication research in the field of myasthenia gravis. The session is geared towards medical professionals, but is open to the public. The meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of similar professional societies of physicians who focus on neuromuscular medicine. Researchers and medical professionals can submit presentation and poster abstracts by the June 15, 2021 deadlineMEDICAL PROFESSIONALS CAN SUBMIT THEIR ABSTRACTS FOR THE 2021 SCIENTIFIC SESSION HERE
  • National Conference: Annual educational opportunity around myasthenia gravis.  Over 300 participants attend, representing people with MG, family, and health professionals.  The National Conference program features MG experts, community leaders and health professionals. The conference is a great opportunity to meet others in the MG community and make friends from across the country.
  • International Symposium: International forum held every five years, focused on ready-to-publish medical research and connecting the global myasthenia gravis medical community.  300+ medical professionals attend. Our most recent symposium was in May 2017 in New York City. Stay tuned for our next one coming in 2022!

Learn more about these events on our Scientific Meetings & Conferences page.


Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB)

Distinguished physicians and researchers with outstanding expertise in myasthenia gravis.  This international group of experts provides leadership to the MGFA on medical and scientific issues, including, but not limited to: scientific meeting development, grantee review and selection, and educational materials. 


Learn more about them on the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) section of our Leadership page.


Nurses Advisory Board (NAB)

The Nurses Advisory Board (NAB) is comprised of nurses concerned with the care of MG patients and those who specialize in neuromuscular diseases such as MG. The NAB actively educates and recruits nurses through its continuing education programs and various professional organizations throughout the United States and Canada. The NAB also actively participates in writing and reviewing MGFA literature for distribution to patients and families. MGFA offers nursing research grants for those who qualify as well as an online CE program on myasthenia gravis.

Get Involved

  • Become a Partner in MG Care! Partners in MG Care are health professionals that have interest and experience in treating MG. Partners are involved in the MG community and willing to promote MGFA activities to ensure as many patients are connected to our services as possible. To learn more, please see our Partners in MG Care page.
  • Lead the way as an MG Walk Medical Ambassador! Medical Ambassadors are integral in connecting MG patients to a supportive resource like MGFA. They help spread the word about local MG walks and help raise critical funds to support research and programming for people with MG. Contact us today for more information at info@mgwalk.org.
  • Volunteer! We have many opportunities for you to engage with the MG community. Uniquely qualified and empowered by their experience with MG, volunteers are trained and supported to meet the highest standards of excellence. Programs like MG Friends, MGFA Support Groups and our MG Walk are all great options. If you are looking for something different, please fil out our Volunteer Form so we can find the right opportunity for you!


MG Patient Registry

In an effort to understand and serve the MG community more effectively, we developed the MG Patient Registry.  The MG registry incorporates general and medical information as well as diagnostic tools to gauge a patient’s quality of life with MG. Information gathered from this registry will serve to drive research, expand treatment options and better understand the full impact of MG.

  • Privacy Policy: Every patient is assured complete protection of their privacy.
  • To download the MG Patient Registry brochure, click here.
  • To participate in the registry as an MG patient, please see here.

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